Drone Kit

“[COM3T] has hit a unique sweet spot with the combination of the plug and play drone kit as well as the course to make it the ideal option for those looking to get involved in the drone industry”

Drone Expert Miriam McNabb


Our drone kit takes a unique approach of plug and play, allowing for our younger clientele to bypass the need to solder connections, which can be boring, dangerous and tedious. Through our unique solution, we are able to systematically guide middle and high schoolers through building, coding and flying a high quality drone efficiently, safely and legally.

We have created a plug and play approach using a unique pigtailing approach to make the drone building process smooth using our approach of Plug, Code and Fly!


Our kit contains all the necessary parts to create a high quality drone. A complete picture with a list of parts can be found below!

Our drone kit contains the necessary parts and more!


There are several ways our drone kit stands out from competitors

  1. Our unique approach of plug and play makes the process easy, safe and engaging as opposed to other kits requiring soldering which becomes tedious and dangerous.
  2. Our kit is fully inclusive and includes all parts required to build a drone and more!
  3. Our price point of $400 for the kit is incredibly cheap in comparison to the competition
  4. Our supplemental course allows for us to easily guide users through building the kit, allowing for ease of creation!


If our customers desire, they can order a customized drone kit that can be suited to their desires however they would like! We offer multiple customization options as seen below:

  1. We will offer custom frames with different colors and shapes to fit our customer’s needs
  2. If requested, we will ship additional parts that the customer would like to use with our drone kit to customize all the parts of the drone they would like!

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