About The Team


COM3T Drones is a startup created by high schoolers for high schoolers, allowing us to take a unique approach to drone education as never seen before, using the never-before-seen combination of a drone kit as well as a high quality course to guide users through what drones are, their uses and the future all the way to how to build, code and fly their own drones, even using the most up-to-date FAA regulations! Our Team is entirely made of high schoolers who are massive drone enthusiasts and have suffered through the pains of trying to build and code their own drones, but have come up short due to all materials in the drone industry being directed towards adults and not younger students, motivating them to solve the problem! Read more about each team member below!

Arnav Garg – Co-Founder

Arnav is a sophomore at Saratoga High School in Saratoga, CA. He is one of the biggest drone enthusiasts on our team, having built and coded numerous drones by himself. Having struggled through finding the proper resources to build and code his drones, Arnav has a personal interest in COM3T and making sure that we are able to bring new resources to those looking to get into the drone industry but lack the knowledge at the moment. Outside of COM3T, Arnav is an avid debater, primarily competing in Lincoln Douglas debate at national levels. In addition, Arnav loves casually playing basketball, football and all sorts of video games with his friends!

Madhav Nair – Co-Founder