What is COMЭT?

Introducing the Youth to STEM Through Drones

COM3T has tossed a wrench into the drone education market with our unique combination of a drone kit and course, bringing out the best in the mechanical engineers of the upcoming generation. 

Take the opportunity to introduce youth to the fast-advancing science of drones. Photo: Guillermo Varela, Flickr Creative Commons.

Discover The World of Drones


Drone Kit

All the parts you need to plug, code, and fly a drone! (We recommend buying the course along with the kit!)


Dive right into 8 in-depth modules showing you the in’s and out’s of a drone (Best purchased with kit)

Drone Kit + Course

This unique combination of both a drone kit as well as high quality course guides you through the basics of drones all the way to building and coding your very own!
$425 (BEST VALUE!)

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Unique & savvy solutions for all creatives

We allow for creating high quality drones using our drone kit as well as our high quality course that guides users through all things drones, starting from the basics, all the way to the most advanced concepts like building and programming an auto-leveling drone. Watch our introduction video below on desktop and mobile!